Self Hosting FacilitatePro, Meeting Collaboration Tools for Large Groups and Corporations

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Run FacilitatePro in-house with unlimited participation for one price

Self Hosting FacilitatePro

Our software is licensed to your server on your intranet, with no limit on the number of concurrent meetings and meeting participants. This gives you maximum flexibility to run multiple sessions for any size group within a secure data partition. Additional secure partitions may be added at any time to allow multiple divisions, departments or groups to work completely independently and securely all within a single copy of FacilitatePro.

Think of FacilitatePro as an electronic conference center with one to many floors. Each floor has an unlimited number of meeting rooms that can hold an unlimited number of people, and is secured so that only those with permission can enter. You choose how many floors you need. The actual number of meetings that can occur at any one time is limited only by the size of your network. You pay one price even as your usage grows. Learn more

Easy to install, simple to maintain and ultra reliable.

FacilitatePro supports all standard web browsers on just about any hardware and software platform, including Windows, Apple, UNIX and LINUX. And it works seamlessly on smart devices. There’s no need for users to download special applications or plug-ins. Learn More

Mix and match leader accounts, from basic level to advanced.

Each FacilitatePro license allows you to set up an unlimited number of Basic leader accounts, and a specified number of Plus, Premium and Pro leader accounts (based on your configuration). You can mix and match however best fits your needs.

Which leader level is right for me?

  • Do you want a quick way to break up discussion logjams in your team meetings?
    Basic may be just what you need to get back on track.
  • Would you like to get out all the good information locked inside people’s heads, then organize it into key issues or themes?
    Plus will let you do that, and then get agreement on the most important ones.
  • Would you like to gather input from around the globe, and give people the option to contribute and vote when it’s most convenient for their time zone? Would you like to customize your participants’ experience by changing what they can see and do?
    Premium is the place for you.
  • Would you like to structure an agenda of brainstorming topics, then evaluate them using your own custom decision criteria or run multiple concurrent meetings or surveys, some real-time, some asynchronous?
    You’re a PRO!

Learn more about the different leader accounts you can set up in your organization.

About FacilitatePro

FacilitatePro LogoFacilitatePro is a cloud based or self hosted application that helps groups brainstorm and evaluate ideas, from any device, anywhere, anytime. Ideas you can implement. Decisions that have buy-in. FacilitatePro collects and distills your rain of ideas into the highest quality, clearest output possible to make your brainstorm effective and productive.

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FacilitatePro allows union members and management representatives to brainstorm key issues anonymously, so that the best ideas surface without any social or political inhibitors. With Facilitatepro we are able to bring the two sides of the table together, in a conference room or over the internet. The result is a common action plan to promote job and business growth.
Jim Reid
High Performance Work Organization Partnerships, IAMAW

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Why FacilitatePro?

  • Generate Better Ideas
  • Make Well-Informed Decisions
  • Solve Problems
  • Boost Productivity
  • Avoid Meeting Logjams
  • Decision Acceptance and Support
  • Approach Problems with Objectivity
  • Optimize Documentation
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device